Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where oh Where have I been

Well I haven't been blogging that is for sure. Just busy always something else to do, but I enjoy every one's blog and their updates so I decided to do one today.
We have enjoyed our summer going to the pool, sleeping in when we can and being outside in the evenings. We took a trip to Panama City Beach and had a relaxing week. Alison's girls were here for a few weeks so mom brought them to the beach then we came back and Shelley came home. The cousins had a blast together. It truly was sad to see them leave. They all wish they could live closer. I think it makes them cherish their time together more being so far apart. (GA, TX, NH). Elizabeth turned 9 July 23rd and will be going to 4th grade. Did I say 4th grade? I remember being there as if it was yesterday. Alexandria is 3 1/2 she is busy and feisty. I work 3 days a work so she goes to day care some and loves "school". So now school returns and I am returning as a student this year also. When I graduated nursing school 11 yrs ago I planned on working a year and going back for my Masters, well 11 years later I am doing it to get my NP. I guess there is nervous and excitement but a challenge I really want. The first year of my studies is done on line and a few Sat. classes before clinical next year which Alexandria will start full time school so I think it will work out fine. That is the update here hope to post pictures of the girls soon. Enjoy your days.

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