Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I said I would post some pictures but guess what. I am terrible, terrible about taking pictures. So with posting this post it will be my mission to take pictures and post them. With the holidays around maybe that will not be hard to accomplish.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where oh Where have I been

Well I haven't been blogging that is for sure. Just busy always something else to do, but I enjoy every one's blog and their updates so I decided to do one today.
We have enjoyed our summer going to the pool, sleeping in when we can and being outside in the evenings. We took a trip to Panama City Beach and had a relaxing week. Alison's girls were here for a few weeks so mom brought them to the beach then we came back and Shelley came home. The cousins had a blast together. It truly was sad to see them leave. They all wish they could live closer. I think it makes them cherish their time together more being so far apart. (GA, TX, NH). Elizabeth turned 9 July 23rd and will be going to 4th grade. Did I say 4th grade? I remember being there as if it was yesterday. Alexandria is 3 1/2 she is busy and feisty. I work 3 days a work so she goes to day care some and loves "school". So now school returns and I am returning as a student this year also. When I graduated nursing school 11 yrs ago I planned on working a year and going back for my Masters, well 11 years later I am doing it to get my NP. I guess there is nervous and excitement but a challenge I really want. The first year of my studies is done on line and a few Sat. classes before clinical next year which Alexandria will start full time school so I think it will work out fine. That is the update here hope to post pictures of the girls soon. Enjoy your days.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mark and Lauren's New Arrival - Lilian "Lily" Grace


Just a few pictures. Cindy and Daniel and the kids came but I couldn't find my camera when they got here. We had soup and cake for my grandmother for her Birthday on Nov. 1. Fun evening . Full of excitement.

This and That

A posting of this and that. It has been a while . I have had my grandmother spent some nights with us and the girls love it. I found them jump roping and Alexandria loves to show her books.

Elizabeth dressed as Judy Moody going to college for school . They dressed as a book character.
Alexandria and Addison playing in the bouncy house. Addison came to play one day and the girls had a blast. I think we best watch out when they get older. Those two are full of mischief.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We went to Orange Beach, Al for our summer vacation and spent a week enjoying the sand and sun. Tried to get a good family photo and after 60 something shots you see what I ended up with nothing. Elizabeth enjoyed riding the waves while Alexandria mostly stayed under the umbrella playing in the bucket of water and sand.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Elizabeth wanted to bake some brownies so I decided to take the challenge and let her do it all alone. I was cleaning and she did great. I now have a great helper in the kitchen.