Friday, February 13, 2009


My new found love Pesto sauce. I pretty much only cook veg. dishes. I could careless about meat and Earl now is limiting his meat eating so it can be hard to come up with different dishes, but I will say I come up with a few I really like. Good sauces is the key. I do a lot of noodles (variety) with stir fried veg. and then use different sauces to have a different taste. But I started using pesto and now I do everything with pest. Here are a few recipes I enjoy.

1. Bake potato with a smear of ranch dressing , cheese and vegs. (stir fried)-no sauce on these vegs.

2. Pasta noodles with pesto sauce(or any sauce) and vegs. top with little parmesan

3. Veg pizza, use your choice of crust, spread with pesto instead of tom. sauce , top with mozzarella cheese, add spinach, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, squash, onion, green pepper and any others you would like. (It is great!!!!)

4. Tortilla wrap with Parmesan cheese and pesto veg. (love it)

5. Hey it may sound funny but Egg white omelet with veg. and top with hot sauce. Grits as a side.

Ok, now I am hungry, but I think we are going out for meat tonight. Bar-b-que maybe.

Pesto sauce is MUCH cheaper at Wal-Mart.